#149 Show Notes | Reviving the Wild: Exploring Portugal’s Rewilding Revolution with Pedro Prata

What is Episode 149 all about?

Hey there, Rewildology listeners! Welcome to another thought-provoking episode that’s all about diving deep into the heart of conservation and rewilding. I’m your host, Brooke, and today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our incredible guest, Pedro Prata, who is the Team Leader of Rewilding Portugal.

Connecting with Nature:

Pedro’s journey is rooted in his early days growing up on a family farm nestled in the rugged mountains of Portugal. He shares with us the profound experiences that ignited his lifelong passion for the natural world and ultimately led him on the path of conservation and restoration.

Lessons from Abroad:

Pedro’s international adventures took him far from home, where he honed his skills and knowledge in the field of restoration. We delve into the invaluable takeaways from his time studying and working abroad, including his fascinating research on coral reef recovery in the Caribbean.

Return to Portugal:

Returning to Portugal after building a life somewhere else was a pivotal moment for Pedro. He shares his feelings about coming home and how that decision became the catalyst for his involvement in Rewilding Portugal.

Exploring Rewilding Portugal:

Pedro takes us on a virtual tour of Rewilding Portugal and its origins. We uncover the core focus areas of the project and its vital mission to combat the top threats faced by Portugal’s wildlands, with a particular spotlight on the enchanting Coa Valley.

Challenges and Strategies:

We discuss the challenges and successes of their restoration efforts, including carnivore reintroduction and water conservation. Pedro emphasizes the importance of apex predators, like the Iberian wolf and lynx, and how they fit into the landscape.

Sustainability and Nature Tourism:

Pedro shares his strategies for ensuring the project’s long-term sustainability, even in challenging scenarios. Plus, we explore the intriguing incorporation of nature tourism into the rewilding initiative, adding both economic value and conservation benefits.

This episode offers an immersive journey into the world of Pedro Prata and Rewilding Portugal, showcasing their dedication to preserving Portugal’s natural wonders and highlighting the remarkable resilience of nature itself. So, join me for this enlightening conversation as we uncover the beauty and importance of rewilding in Portugal. Thanks for tuning in!

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#149 | Reviving the Wild: Exploring Portugal’s Rewilding Revolution with Pedro Prata

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Pedro in the Field

Rewilding Portugal

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