#147 Show Notes | Persistence: The Key to Saving Brazil’s Lahille’s Bottlenose Dolphin with Pedro Fruet, PhD (Repost)

What is Episode 147 all about?

Today’s conversation is a repost of Episode 31 with Pedro Fruet, PhD, world-leading Lahille’s Bottlenose Dolphin researcher in Brazil. Why did I choose this episode to repost? Because right this moment, I am landing in Sao Paulo Brazil to lead my first trip through the Pantanal with my employer, The Wild Source! Yes, I’ve finally made it to the land of the jaguar and will MIA through the first half of September.

Don’t worry – I’ll record as much of my adventures as possible and share with you all upon my return. Be sure to follow my Instagram @BrookeRewild to see what I’m up to. I’ll post as often as I can.

Alright, friends! Please enjoy Brooke from 2021 introducing this conversation and chatting with Pedro. Bye!

Listen to this episode.

#147 | Persistence: The Key to Saving Brazil’s Lahille’s Bottlenose Dolphin with Pedro Fruet. PhD (Repost)

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Pedro in the Field

Pedro’s Websites

Original Episode

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