Afghanistan officially has a woman tour guide and she’s crushing social norms.

Feature Image by Sohaib Ghyasi on Unsplash

22-year-old Fatima is Afghanistan’s first woman tour guide. She was tired of seeing her country only painted in a negative light, and so she began writing Facebook posts about the country she knew – not one that was solely torn by conflict.

Word of her posts spread and she was soon asked to lead tourists around the city of Herat by those that read her stories. Shortly afterwards she was hired by Untamed Borders as the country’s first female guide.

She’s pushing against more social norms than just her career. She’s unmarried, the only one of her siblings to be educated, and doesn’t have any children of her own. She’s determined to help other women become guides and find their own path in society.

Pretty inspiring, right?

Read more about Fatima and her interview with CNN here:

She’s the first female tour guide in Afghanistan, but she’s determined not to be the last. Lilit Marcus, CNN. Updated 8th March 2021.

Meet Afghanistan’s first and only female tour guide. Sadie Whitelocks. 9 March 2021.

Untamed Borders:

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Brooke Mitchell-Norman
Brooke Mitchell-Norman

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