#43 | Saving the Giants of South America with Bridgette San Marco

#43 | Saving the Giants of South America with Bridgette San Marco

In this episode, Brooke has a chat with Bridgette San Marco, Co-Founder of Save the Giants. Bridgette is a zookeeper and absolutely fell in love with giant otters early in her career. She wanted to do more for wild otters and went on a search to find an organization working diligently to conserve the species. When she didn’t find one, she connected with other otter lovers and co-founded Save the Giants with fellow conservationist, Christina Ward. Now, they’re working with indigenous communities in Guyana to conserve not only the giant otter but other South American icons as well, like jaguars and giant anteaters. Their approach to conservation is different than many wildlife nonprofits, and hopefully more organizations adopt Save the Giants’ practices!

This week’s question:
How do you feel we can increase collaboration in conservation or the sciences in general?

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