#98 | Lemurs & the Wonders of Madagascar with Lynne Venart

#98 | Lemurs & the Wonders of Madagascar with Lynne Venart

In this episode, we are sitting with Lynne Venart, co-founder of the Lemur Conservation Network. Lynne and I discuss everything lemurs, as well as their top threats and how to conserve them. We then go on a full tour across the island meeting the species and people she’s come to love. If you are not watching the YouTube version of this episode, Lynne and I do our best to give you a description of the photo she’s sharing so that you can envision the trip along with us. If you’re not driving and can safely visit the website, each image is listed in the show notes with a time stamp so that you can follow along.

Additionally, if you want a hardcore science episode all about lemurs with two amazing Malagasy lady scientists, head on over to the archives and check out episode 51 after listening to today’s show.

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