#9 | Musician to Conservationist with Jon Rossi Part 1

#9 | Musician to Conservationist with Jon Rossi Part 1

Today is Part 1 of a 2 part series with Jon Rossi of the Rossifari Podcast. If COVID turned your life upside down like I know it has so many of us, then you’ll definitely relate to Jon’s story. Jon is a professional drummer with a very successful career touring across the US sharing his talents. But when COVID hit, all of his work – and his strongest passion – were ripped away from him. While on the road, Jon found joy visiting zoos and aquariums to escape from negative influences that were all around him. In doing so, he met lots of amazing animals and zookeepers, which became a podcast idea shortly after he was locked down at home. He found a new passion and a new title – conservation educator. 

If you’ve ever thought about doing something that maybe was in a different field or outside your expertise, or you need some encouragement to finally tackle that one idea you’ve had for years, then you must listen to this show. 

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