#48 | Asiatic Lions: Dark Past, Successful Present & Unknown Future with Stotra Chakrabarti, PhD

#48 | Asiatic Lions: Dark Past, Successful Present & Unknown Future with Stotra Chakrabarti, PhD

In this episode, I’m chatting with Stotra Chakrabarti, PhD, Assistant Professor at Macalester College in Minnesota, USA. Stotra grew up in the Indian foothills of the Himalayas and spent his days watching elephants and leopards, and bringing home any injured animal he found, much to his mother’s dismay. His interest in wildlife ecology and conservation biology was cemented during a very immersive and rigorous master’s training at the Wildlife Institute of India, which he continued onto a PhD by studying the behavior of one of the rarest lions of the world – Asiatic lions. Stotra shares everything with us: Asian lions’ history, their rebound from 50 individuals to an estimated 700, the current political stalemate the lions are in, and the big cat that might potentially claim the lions’ new protected area. And no, it’s not the tiger. If set in motion, this cat would come from many, many miles away.

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