#46 | Passion Turned Purpose: Rescuing Costa Rica’s Sloths with Sam Trull

#46 | Passion Turned Purpose: Rescuing Costa Rica's Sloths with Sam Trull

In this episode, I’m chatting with Sam Trull, the Co-founder of The Sloth Institute in Manual Antonia, Costa Rica, and author of Sloth Love. Sam first fell in love with lemurs as a young girl, but after working at the Duke Lemur Center for 12 years and experiencing some life turmoil, she realized that working with animals in captivity was no longer fulfilling. She began traveling and worked in primate conservation around the world. After teaching a primate course and taking a job as a vet tech in Costa Rica, she discovered her absolute love of sloths and knew she needed to find a way to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sloths. Her pursuit led to the founding of The Sloth Institute. Sam and I had a passionate conversation about all of the threats sloths are facing, plus how all of us in the world can help these highly adaptive, super cute critters.

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