#36 | Rescuing An Endangered Bat From the Edge of Extinction with Iroro Tanshi

#36 | Rescuing An Endangered Bat From the Edge of Extinction with Iroro Tanshi

Born in Nigeria, Iroro grew up watching nature documentaries from all around the world, planting the seeds for her future love of biology. Her big breakthrough happened when she signed up for a research course in Uganda which was led by a UK organization. After years of searching, she finally found what she was looking for – hands-on biological research with bats. After her Master’s in the UK, Iroro returned to Nigeria to study the status of bats for her Ph.D. During what seemed like a normal field day, Iroro made the discovery of a lifetime. She successfully trapped a short-tailed roundleaf bat, a species that hadn’t been seen in the country for 45 years. However, her elation was soon squandered. Later that same evening, they could tell something was wrong. In the distance, they saw a fire heading their way and they had to leave the forest…fast. Since that moment, Iroro has been working diligently learning everything she can about this rare bat, and collaborate with local communities to keep them alive.

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