#27 | The Most Interesting Man…On Safari with Jeff Trollip

#27 | The Most Interesting Man...On Safari with Jeff Trollip

In this episode of Rewildology, I’m chatting with Jeff Trollip (@jeffsjungle). Jeff was born in Scotland, raised in southern Africa, studied in the UK, and has spent his 20-year career guiding safaris all across Africa. Since he has traveled and met with so many people, he’s become very entrenched in the conservation scene and has some incredible stories about what he’s seen and done to restore national parks in Mozambique, Tanzania, and more. He recently launched his own conservation-focused safari company and built an insanely cool adventure-style safari camp. Just wait until you hear everything he’s put into this experience. I could barely sit still in my chair, I wanted to hop on a plane so badly! Jeff currently is in need of a name for this new camp and would love ideas from you. If you think of a creative, conservation-minded name, reach out to me on Instagram (@rewildology) or email me at hello@rewildology.com, and I’ll be sure it’s shared with Jeff!

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