#24 | The Stories of Chitwan; Part 3 of “Nepal: Coexisting with Giants”

#24 | The Stories of Chitwan; Part 3 of "Nepal: Coexisting with Giants"

In today’s episode, I’m taking you with me to a very special place: Chitwan National Park in southeast Nepal. This area is world-renowned for its immense Asian Greater-One Horned Rhino population, in addition to a vast diversity of birds, mammals, reptiles, and endangered species like tigers and the gharial crocodile. 

As I’m sure you can imagine, living with such charismatic wildlife can both a blessing and a curse. While tourists love to visit the area and spend millions of rupees each year experiencing everything nature has to offer, the local community has to manage all of the issues that arise when animals leave the jungle and enter their village. 

Luckily for nature and wildlife, they have conservationists on their side. Many people in the area love Chiwan’s wildlife and have dedicated their lives to saving both the park and their fellow community members. Today, you are going to meet some of these incredible people.

Part 1: Basu Bidari
Part 2: Dr. Babu Ram and Dr. Amir Sadaula
Part 3: Jit Tamang and Bishnu Rimal
Part 4: Bishnu Thapa
Part 5: Ritu Waiba and Bishnu Rimal

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A special thanks to Katie Adamson Conservation Fund for their support in this series. You can learn more about KACF by checking out Episode 2 with Dave Johnson. Ep. 2 Show Notes | Finding Your Path with Dave Johnson

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