#149 | Reviving the Wild: Exploring Portugal’s Rewilding Revolution with Pedro Prata

#149 | Reviving the Wild: Exploring Portugal's Rewilding Revolution with Pedro Prata

In this captivating episode of Rewildology, we are joined by Pedro Prata, the Team Leader of Rewilding Portugal, whose life’s journey from a childhood spent in the wild landscapes of Portugal to becoming a conservation and restoration leader is nothing short of inspiring. Pedro shares his early inspirations, the invaluable takeaways from his international conservation experiences, and his heartfelt return to Portugal. He sheds light on the ambitious Rewilding Portugal project, with its central focus on the Coa Valley, addressing the top threats to Portugal’s wildlands and the strategies employed for restoration. From carnivore reintroduction to water conservation, Pedro offers a glimpse into the intricacies of rewilding and its importance, while also highlighting the integration of nature tourism for long-term conservation success. This episode takes you on a compelling journey through Pedro’s dedication to preserving Portugal’s natural wonders and the resilience of nature itself.

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