#142 | Protecting & Conserving Antarctica’s Marine Mammals with Ari Friedlaender, PhD

#142 | Protecting & Conserving Antarctica’s Marine Mammals with Ari Friedlaender, PhD

To learn about Antarctica’s cetaceans, today I sat down with Ari Friedlaeder, PhD, professor of Ocean Sciences and Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and the principal investigator at the Friedlaeder Bio-Telemetry & Behavioral Ecology Lab. Ari and I explore the foundational years of his life, including how his sports background helped him become a better marine biologist, when and how whales entered his life, the magical opportunity that began his career in Antarctica, all things Antarctic cetaceans, the discoveries he’s made about whales through the use of innovative tech, how he started his relationship with the tourism industry, the costs and benefits of tourism in Antarctica, if the region’s fisheries should be shut down or modified, lots of stories in the field, and how he’s now shifting his focus to mentoring students and spending time at home with his wife and young children.

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