#138 | Birds, Beers & Travel with Sheridan Samano; Wildest Hits Vol. 5

#138 | Birds, Beers & Travel with Sheridan Samano; Wildest Hits Vol. 5

Today is the final episode of the show’s Wildest Hits series! We’re going all the way back to Episode 18 with Sheridan Samano, a super inspirational woman that has overcome many hurdles to see her vision come to life. As a quick aside, Sheridan’s conservation tourism business, Reefs to Rockies is now thriving post-Covid, and she and my company, The Wild Source, are partnering on lots of exciting trips. Stay posted on those in case you’d like to join. I’ll probably be guiding a few here and there. Anyways, let’s get to today’s show! Please enjoy Volume 5 of Rewildology’s Wildest Hits with Sheridan.

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