#13 | Fun in the Galapagos Sun with Josy Cardoso Part 2

#13 | Fun in the Galapagos Sun with Josy Cardoso Part 2

On today’s show, we’re traveling back to the Galapagos Islands to hear Part 2 of my conservation with Josy Cardoso. We chat about a very interesting citizen science project she recently joined as a team lead called Barcode Galapagos, why the Galapagos Islands are so special and should be on every nature-lovers bucket list, and how we can all do our part to protect and restore nature.

This has me thinking that maybe once the time is right, we should get a group of us from the Rewildology community to go! What do you all think? I’m dying for any excuse to go back and bringing a super fun group of you all with me sounds like a blast.

I’ll let that idea sit and grow. But seriously, if that does sound fun to you, reach out on Instagram or email me at hello@rewildology.com to let me know!

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