#121 | Disrupting Fashion through Sustainable & Attainable Footwear with Rommel Vega

#121 | Disrupting Fashion through Sustainable & Attainable Footwear with Rommel Vega

Is it possible to make shoes that are fashionable, affordable, and truly sustainable? Today’s guest not only designs fashionable outdoor shoes, but he’s also created a brand whose core value is doing the right thing for the planet and for communities of all income levels. In this episode, I’m sitting down with Rommel Vega, CEO of HOLO Footwear. Rommel and I have such a fun time sharing our love of wine, his journey through design and when he decided to become a fashion shoe designer, his career at top shoe companies like Puma, Merrell, and Keen, why he and other visionaries decided to strike out on their own and create HOLO Footwear, how shoes are made, what makes HOLO’s shoes truly sustainable, the struggles of launching a startup, and his hopes for the future.

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