#146 | Raising Conservation Awareness through Fine Art with Ramón Casares

 #146 | Raising Conservation Awareness through Fine Art with Ramón Casares

Ramón Casares is the creator of the Ex Situ Rescued Wildlife Fine Art Photography Gallery. He has traveled all over the world taking stunning photographs of rescued animals and sharing their story with the high-end art community. Ramón and I have a deep discussion about his childhood and how his mother and father influenced the work he pursues today, why he got into photography, how the idea for the Ex-Situ Gallery came to him, how he picks his subjects and the logistics behind his photography, his pursuit into the art world and why he decided to make high-end art consumers his target demographic, what he sees as the road forward for positive change, and his hopes for the future of Ex-Situ and conservation as a whole.

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