#152 Show Notes | Safeguarding Sumatra’s Endangered Ecosystems with Jane Dunlop

What is Episode 152 all about?

What drives someone to uproot their life and dedicate themselves to saving endangered species halfway across the world? That’s the origin story conservationist Jane Dunlop shares, taking us back to 2008 when she first landed on the biodiverse shores of Sumatra.

Witnessing the threats of poaching and deforestation firsthand, Jane refused to stand by powerless. Instead, she took action and co-founded EcosystemImpact to meet these threats head on. Jane’s story inspires how we can turn passion into purpose.

From protecting fragile nesting sites of sea turtles to safeguarding songbird habitats, Jane gives us an inside look at EcosystemImpact’s critical conservation initiatives. We learn how Jane empowers local communities through āluān, an ethical coconut company investing in farmers. And discover how the Mahi-Mahi Surf Resort generates funds to fuel EcosystemImpact’s vital work. Jane shows us how blended conservation and business can drive real-world change.

What motivates someone to make it their life’s work to save species on the brink?

Jane gives us a raw look into what drives her unrelenting passion to protect Sumatra’s irreplaceable ecosystems. She shares advice for future conservation leaders and tangible ways we can all contribute to preservation efforts worldwide.

One key insight? Successful conservation relies on collaboration between people and nature.

Jane’s story inspires us to weave together shared values of conservation, ethics and purpose. Because together, we can build a future where business fuels positive impact.

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