#151 Show Notes | Antarctic Whiteouts and Peruvian Parasites: Close Calls in the Field with Allison Cusick

Photo by: Martin Hain

What is Episode 151 all about?

Mishaps, close calls, unbelievable encounters, and awe-inspiring moments. The world of conservation, tourism, and research is a wild adventure, where nature often throws us curveballs. Even with the most meticulously planned expeditions, things don’t always unfold as expected.

Today, we’re launching a thrilling new mini-series called Conservation Chronicles: Tales from the Field. Every month, I’m sitting down with a former guest to explore the most unforgettable tales etched in their memory.

Our first storyteller in this series is Allison Cusick, a PhD candidate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, a visionary behind the Fjord Phyto Project, and an experienced polar guide. Brace yourself for the unexpected as she recounts heart-pounding moments, from navigating Antarctica’s fickle weather to extracting Amazonian parasites. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Once you’ve enjoyed Allison’s captivating stories, you can dig deeper into her remarkable journey and groundbreaking research by diving into the archives and tuning in to Episode 75.

Whether you’re a seasoned conservationist or simply an outdoor enthusiast, prepare to be sucked in by Allison’s incredible adventures and her tireless efforts to protect our planet’s precious ecosystems.

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#151 | Antarctic Whiteouts and Peruvian Parasites: Close Calls in the Field with Allison Cusick

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