#137 Show Notes | Wolves of the American West: Politics & Preservation with Aaron Bott; Wildest Hits Vol. 4

What is Episode 137 all about?

This episode had to be included in the Wildest Hits series! Originally released in April 2022, my chat with Aaron Bott had the most downloads and shares across the internet for the show. Why? Aaron is a wolf expert and grew up on a ranch just outside of Yellowstone. He understands why people hate and love wolves, and I was very happy to finally sit down with someone that could answer all of my questions about what was happening with wolves in northern US states. 

This reminds me. I should have Aaron back on to give us updates about wolves across Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. I’ll work on that and keep you all posted!

Please enjoy this highly popular episode with Aaron.

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#137 | Wolves of the American West: Politics & Preservation with Aaron Bott; Wildest Hits Vol. 4

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