#126 Show Notes | The Art of Nature Storytelling with Rachel Wambui

What is Episode 126 all about?

As we become increasingly aware of wildlife’s and society’s needs, many of us are now using our creative talents to showcase conservation issues, tell inspiring stories, and capture breathtaking moments in the wild to show everyone the spectacular wonders of our world. If we are to generate the most bang for our creative pursuits, then we need to be able to craft a meaningful story. So, how does one write a good nature story? What elements should we include or exclude? What resources are out there to help us take our craft to the next level?

To teach us all about nature storytelling, today we are sitting down with Rachel Wambui, writer, director, and filmmaker. Rachel began her career as a journalist writing for glossy magazines and top African newspapers. During her time as a journalist, she found herself naturally gravitating to sustainability stories. Her love of conservation writing was solidified when she had the opportunity to work for one of Kenya’s leading conservation organizations. Since then, she’s published several conservation articles and co-directed a film just released called Saving the Vulture: One Man’s Story. 

Rachel and I explore how she discovered nature storytelling, elements that create an impactful story, resources to level up your storytelling skills, and the future of the industry. Whether you are a seasoned conservation content creator or you just started to craft your story, I’m sure you’ll take away at least one nugget from today’s conversation.

Alright, everyone. Please enjoy this conversation with Rachel.

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#126 | The Art of Nature Storytelling with Rachel Wambui

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Rachel in the Field

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Saving the Vulture: One Man’s Story

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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