#125 Show Notes | The Colorado: A Hopeful Story About a River in Dire Straits with Dave Showalter

What is Episode 125 all about?

What is one of the most valuable resources that every living being on this planet needs? A resource so common that we almost forget how necessary it is for life? In developed parts of the world, we use it frivolously, throwing it on the ground, while in developing countries, having easy access to this resource is one of the top priorities. 

As the climate changes and there’s less of this resource to go around, we’re starting to realize that we must drastically change our relationship with this resource if human and wildlife communities are to thrive well into the future.

What is the resource I’m referring to? Freshwater. Rivers, lakes, streams, aquafers – the veins of our planet that carry life-giving water to terrestrial species.

I got to know one of these life-giving rivers quite personally. The Colorado River and its watershed is one of the most important river systems in the United States and Mexico, and supports over 40 million people, staggering swaths of agricultural land, and countless wild areas. The Colorado River is in dire straits, however, and today’s guest made it his mission to show everyone the life the Colorado River still supports, and how important it is that we change our relationship with our rivers no matter where we reside.

In this episode, we are sitting down with Dave Showalter, Professional Conservation Photographer. Dave and his wife, Marla, spent countless hours exploring the Colorado Rockies throughout their marriage and witnessed firsthand the life the Colorado River supports. So when he heard people say that the Colorado River was dead, he knew in his heart that that just wasn’t true. Six years ago, Dave had the marvelous idea of traveling from the Colorado headwaters in the Never Summer Mountain Range to the final delta in Mexico to show people how alive the river still is and meet riverkeepers that have dedicated their lives to protecting the river. Dave’s brand-new book called Living River: The Promise of the Mighty Colorado, just dropped in stores and I had the opportunity to snag an early copy to record this episode for you all. 

Dave and I explore why the Colorado River system has reached a critical point, why he decided to write a book above all other media types, and how he met the incredible people that are protecting and restoring the river. We also share a deep, personal moment at the end. Whoa, get ready for tears, everyone. 

Alright, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Please enjoy this conversation with Dave.

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#125 | The Colorado: A Hopeful Story About a River in Dire Straits with Dave Showalter

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Living River: The Promise of the Mighty Colorado

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