Ep. 117 Show Notes | Inspirational Advice from 12 Women Conservation Scientists

What is Episode 117 all about?

Let’s admit it, there are days in conservation, wildlife research, and ecotourism that plain suck. Even after curating the perfect plan, sometimes things go awry, and you’re stuck cleaning up a disaster. Or, on some days, we question our purpose and wonder why the heck did we go into this field in the first place? At moments like these, that banking job starts to look really appealing. I know I’ve been in this place multiple times throughout my career, and usually, it’s a good friend who helped me out of my funk. 

So, for the last episode in our Women in Conservation Science series, I want to share with you a collection of clips from 12 badass women scientists that answered one of my favorite questions, “What advice do you have for those listening?”

It doesn’t matter who you are. I can guarantee that at least one of these messages will resonate with you as much as they did with me. 

Please enjoy these inspirational clips from former women scientists on the show.

Listen to this episode.

Ep. 117 | Inspirational Advice from 12 Women Conservation Scientists

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Episode 117’s Guests in the Field

Listen to Episode 117 guests’ full episodes:

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