Ep. 115 Show Notes | Rewilding Islands to Benefit the Sea: Removing the Land Ocean Barrier with Coral Wolf

What is Episode 115 all about?

Today’s episode is Part 2 of our 4-part Women in Conservation Science series! Last week, we traveled to South Africa and learned about snakes with Hiral Naik, a fantastic lady biologist that is helping change the narrative for herps in Africa. This week, we’re island hopping and meeting an incredible women scientist that is at the forefront of rewilding our islands.

In this conservation, we’re sitting down with Coral Wolf (yes, she has the best name of all time), Conservation Science Program Manager at Island Conservation. Coral knew from an early age that she wanted to work in wildlife, but wasn’t quite sure in what way. After college, she took all kinds of field jobs searching for her passion and naturally gravitated towards islands. Her future was solidified when she worked on the big island of Hawaii monitoring endangered Hawksbill sea turtle nests. There she saw the devastation invasive predators have on vulnerable wildlife and has been working in island restoration ever since.

Coral and I have a great discussion chatting about:

  • The journey that Coral undertook to find a career in island restoration
  • Why our islands are vulnerable and need extra help reverting back to their pristine state
  • The revolutionary paper she co-authored about the island-marine connection and how restoring islands benefits the surrounding marine ecosystems
  • Removing silos in conservation
  • How Island Conservation chooses locations to rewild
  • And wonderful tips for anyone that is or wants to be a parent while working in this field.

Really quickly, if you would like more background information on the topics Coral and I discuss, check out Episode 89 before or after today’s conversation to understand the importance of invasive species eradication on islands. That conversation is with three stellar scientists, also from Island Conservation, and they do a marvelous job laying the foundation for today’s discussion.

But, let’s get to today’s chat. Everyone, here is my conversation with Coral.

Listen to this episode.

Ep. 115 | Rewilding Islands to Benefit the Sea: Removing the Land-Ocean Barrier with Coral Wolf

Watch this episode on YouTube.

Coral in the Field

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