#111 Show Notes | Combating Ocean Plastic Pollution through Adventure Sports & Advocacy with Christian Shaw

What is Episode 111 all about?

It’s rare that we have only one passion in life. Most of us in the conservation and travel realms enjoy hobbies outside of making the world a better place. We dance, paint, run marathons, train for intense sports, raise families, and play. What happens when we find a way to bring together two of our passions? And how would one go about such a wild idea? Well, I’m happy to share that today’s guest did just that, all in the name of protecting the ecosystem and sport he loves.

Today, we are sitting down with Christian Shaw, Founder and Executive Director of Plastic Tides. Christian grew up in Ithaca, New York with a love for the outdoors. He began surfing at the age of 6, and picked up kite surfing by the time he was 14. During his undergraduate degree at Cornell University, he was exposed to the depths of the plastic pollution issue and had a brilliant idea to kite surf across the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with the hope of bringing awareness to the problem. The idea grew and evolved into stand up paddleboard expeditions around Bermuda and the Great Lakes near his New York home, and through these adventures, his non-profit, Plastics Tides, was born. Now, almost ten years later, Plastic Tides has grown in size and collective impact for ocean conservation.

Christian and I have lots of laughs discussing:

  • How the idea came to him to use his passion of sports to raise awareness for plastic pollution
  • Why Bermuda was chosen as their first expedition and what they found while there
  • Being a part of the microbead plastics ban in 2015
  • How Plastic Tides has grown and evolved since it’s inception in 2014
  • Non-profits versus for-profits
  • Advice for those that want to combine their two passions to make an impact

Now, without further adieu, friends, please enjoy this light-hearted conversation with Christian. 

Listen to this episode.

#111 | Combating Ocean Plastic Pollution through Adventure Sports & Advocacy with Christian Shaw

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Christian in the Field

Christian’s Websites

Plastic Tides

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

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