Ep. 91 Show Notes | How to Become a Conservation Traveler

What is Episode 91 all about?

Conservation travel – probably one of the closest topics to my heart and the field I’ve decided to dedicate my career. Yes, in case you weren’t aware, not only am I the creator and executive producer of this show, but I’m also the Director of Conservation for The Wild Source, a mission-based safari company based out of Golden, Colorado.

I can obviously talk about this subject until I’m blue in the face, but that would be utterly boring for you. So, in today’s episode, I synthesize my years of experience in conservation tourism, how I discovered the field, what the scientific literature says that both support the use of tourism as a conservation tool, and some areas that the field can improve.

Specifically, we address these questions:

What is conservation tourism?
How is conservation travel different from ecotourism or nature-based tourism?
Is conservation travel good for the planet? (Literature Review)
Common arguments against conservation travel
Where conservation travel falls short
Where is conservation tourism heading?
How Brooke discovered conservation tourism
Tips for becoming a conservation traveler

Stay tuned for future posts and additional resources on how to become a conservation traveler!

Do you know an operator that’s doing travel the right way? Let us know by commenting below!

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Ep. 91 | How to Become a Conservation Traveler

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