#84 Show Notes | From Dream Trip to Reality: Exploring the Pan-American Highway with Kayla Fratt

What is Episode 84 all about?

I’m sure that if you’re a regular listener of this podcast or if you just found it for the first time (welcome, we’re so happy you’re here), then you’ve probably contemplated dropping everything, buying a one-way ticket, and exploring some exhilarating, foreign destination. Then reality hits you and you think of every reason why you can’t and shouldn’t do such a crazy and irresponsible thing. Now, what if you had the chance to sit down with someone that has successfully packed all of her things and gone on an adventure that she’s been dreaming about for years? What kind of questions would you ask her? And would you begin to formulate your plan to do it, too?

That, my friends, is what today’s show is all about. In this episode, we’re sitting down with Kayla Fratt, a long-time friend of the show and the featured guest in Episode 28. Kayla began planning her trip along the Pan-American Highway in 2016 and has worked diligently since then to make the adventure happen. We connected in the middle of her trip outside of Banff National Park in Canada. 

Kayla and I chat about so many fantastic topics like how she structured her business to make passive income while she’s abroad, how she’s managing to balance her work commitments with travel and lack of wifi connection, why she chose the Pan-American Highway for her epic adventure, and resources for anyone that might want to plan their own multi-month expedition.

Alright, friends. Grab your favorite beverage and join me for a fun chat with Kayla.

Listen to this episode.

#84 | From Dream Trip to Reality: Exploring the Pan-American Highway with Kayla Fratt

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Kayla in the Field

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