#81 Show Notes | Cougars: The Shadows of Yellowstone with Jack Rabe

What is Episode 81 all about?

When I say to picture yourself in the heart of Yellowstone, I’m sure a flood of charismatic species and iconic images came to mind. Wolves, bears, bison, Old Faithful, gorgeous mountains, and dramatic geological features all represent this pristine landscape. Now, what about a lesser-known, but very important species that is never seen, a master at avoiding humans, and close to impossible to study? How do we enter the lives of such an elusive creature and understand their impact on Yellowstone’s ecosystem?

To give us insight into such difficult questions, today, we’re sitting down with wildlife biologist and Yellowstone predator expert, Jack Rabe. Jack grew up in northern Ohio hunting and fishing on Lake Erie with his father. When it came time to pick a major, Jack decided to study wildlife sciences at The Ohio State University. Upon graduation day, he received a phone call asking if he could drive 26 hours across the country to join the Yellowstone Wolf Project. Without hesitation, he said yes, grabbed his degree, and headed west. Jack has been working on Yellowstone’s Wolf and Cougar Projects since 2017 and is now a PhD student at the University of Minnesota studying the impact each major carnivore has on the area’s infamous elk population.

Jack and I chat about so many things including all things mountain lion biology, these cats’ role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, how the heck someone researches this impossible cat complete with lots of stories, and what the future looks like for Yellowstone’s biggest feline.

Alright, everyone. Here is my conversation with Jack.

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#81 | Cougars: The Shadows of Yellowstone with Jack Rabe

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Jack in the Field

Jack’s Websites


  • Yellowstone Forever: Link
  • Yellowstone National Park: Link
  • Yellowstone Wolf Project: Link
  • Yellowstone Cougar Project: Link

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