#79 Show Notes | Turning the Music and Podcast Industries Green with Andy Land

What is Episode 79 all about?

We as conscious consumers have seen a spike in “green” companies in recent years promising they’re committed to sustainability. Most even have a well-written sustainability plan to go with it. But once we start peeling back the layers of their promises, we quickly see that a lot of these green claims are not substantiated with true science and sound business practices. So, what does it actually take to turn a company green? Can one company inspire entire industries, such as music and podcasting, to change their practices for the better of the planet? How does one even begin to tackle this monumental task?

To explore this very important topic, today we’re sitting down with Andy Land, the Head of Sustainability at Focusrite, a top-of-the-line audio equipment and manufacturing company. Like several other guests on the podcast, Andy’s journey into sustainability was anything but straight. Trained in music and sound recording at university, Andy found that he really enjoyed the technology side of music and joined Focusrite over a decade ago taking apart and fixing audio equipment products for clients. As he progressed in his career and his own personal explorations of sustainable habits, he noticed the need, and opportunity, to bring sustainability into Focusrite’s practices. Luckily for him, the company also saw the importance of properly understanding and investing in this area, and so he became Head of Sustainability in 2021 – helping to develop and embed sustainable practices throughout the full product lifecycle.

Andy and I chat a lot about his fun journey that went from music tech to sustainability expert, how a company can indeed make a sustainable product with recycled materials that is just as good as its current products, what it takes to develop accurate impact numbers, and resources for anyone else trying to turn their company green.

Alright, everyone. Here is my conversation with Andy.

Listen to this episode.

#79 | Turning the Music and Podcast Industries Green with Andy Land

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Andy in the Field

Andy’s Websites
E-Mail: sustainability@focusritegroup.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-land-0b8272138/

Focusrite Group:
Website: https://focusriteplc.com/
Sustainability Information: https://focusriteplc.com/environment
Product Line: https://focusrite.com/en

The Economist Sustainability Event: https://events.economist.com/sustainability-week-usa/

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