Ep. 77 Show Notes | Bonus Episode: Why Does Rewildology Exist? Stotra’s Interview of Brooke for Macalester College

What is Episode 77 all about?

It’s been a hot second since I’ve released a bonus episode for you all, and I thought now was a great to time share a special interview that I did with Episode 48 guest, Stotra Chakrabarti, PhD for his conservation class at Macalester College. Stotra loved my unconventional approach to conservation and invited me to speak about why I went to such lengths to create a podcast from scratch. He asked me several questions about my story, the journey that led to launching Rewildology, and advice for anyone else considering going outside of the confines of academia, or their current bubble, to pave their own path in this field.

We recorded this conversation in December 2021, just before Rewildology’s first birthday in January. The podcast had recently hit some big milestones and it’s crazy to see how much it’s grown from there.

Alright, friends. Without further adieu, here is this “manifesto”-esque conversation all about Rewildology with Stotra and me.


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Ep. 77 | Bonus Episode: Why Does Rewildology Exist? Stotra’s Interview of Brooke for Macalester College

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Listen to Stotra’s Episode:
Ep. 48 Show Notes | Asiatic Lions: Dark Past, Successful Present & Unknown Future with Stotra Chakrabarti, PhD

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