Ep. 59 Show Notes | Turning the Tide for Sea Turtles with Brad Nahill

What is Episode 59 all about?

Think for a moment: when was the last time you heard anything positive about marine wildlife and ecosystems? News media outlets seem to be making it their mission to convince us that the ocean is doomed and all of its wonderful species will soon be extinct. However, as you’re going to soon hear, this image of the ocean couldn’t be further from the truth. Amazing conservation efforts are being tried and accomplished, and because of several worldwide efforts, the future for one of favorite our groups of animals is looking brighter and brighter.

Today’s episode is Part 3 of the Costa Rica: Life, Lava & Forests series, and our guest, Brad Nahill, is the Co-Founder and President of SEE Turtles. Just listen to everything this incredible organization is tackling: they “help save sea turtles through conservation tours, supporting important nesting beaches, working to the end demand for turtleshell, helping clean up plastic waste from turtle habitats, and promoting inclusivity in the turtle community.” That’s so much good stuff!

Brad and Brooke have a fantastic conversation about all of these initiatives, plus his story about how he found his calling by sort of falling into sea turtle work. He also openly discusses the highlights and challenges of his career. As we all know from our own life experiences, no one’s journey is all unicorns and rainbows, and Brad has had his fair share of difficult moments.

Get ready to learn a ton about current sea turtle conservation and what all can do to help.

Alright, let’s get to today’s episode with Brad.

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Ep. 59 | Turning the Tide for Sea Turtles with Brad Nahill

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Links & Resources

SEE Turtles
Website: https://www.seeturtles.org/
Donate: https://www.seeturtles.org/donations
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/see_turtles/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/seeturtles
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEEturtles

Contacting Brad
You can reach Brad by emailing him at brad@seeturtles.org.

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