#54 Show Notes | Nothing Is Permanent…Except Plastic with Sasha Francis

What is Episode 54 all about?

With the holidays fast approaching, it is easy to see the increase in stuff all around us. Shipping boxes here, plastic packaging there, and it’s all wrapped up in nonrecyclable paper with a plastic bow and curly ribbon. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love wrapping gifts and giving thoughtful presents to those I love. But, what happens to all the extra stuff after the holidays are over? What impact is our incessant use of plastic having on wildlife, particularly marine species? 

In this episode, I’m sitting down with Sasha Francis, environmental educator at Galveston Bay Foundation in Texas and former marine mammal trainer. Sasha was born in Rhode Island and knew from a young age that she wanted to pursue a career with wildlife. After an internship working with marine mammals, she knew what she wanted to do. She strived to enter the marine mammal world and worked with many incredible species for over a decade. After years of personal struggles and sacrifices, however, she switched her career to use her personality to educate the public on the plastic crisis. She also participated an incredible all-women’s sailing expedition from Panama to the Galapagos collecting microplastics data.

Sasha is such a fun person and I laugh so many times in this interview, as you’ll soon hear. We also touch on some pretty serious topics, like her experiences as a marine mammal trainer during Blackfish. Sasha also shares many valuable tips on how we all can make more sustainable choices in our everyday lives.

Alright, everyone. Here is my conversation with Sasha.

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#54 | Nothing Is Permanent…Except Plastic with Sasha Francis

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Links & Resources

Sasha’s Websites:
Sustainable Sasha: https://sustainablesasha.wordpress.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uke.go.girl/
HOW TO HOLIDAY, SUSTAINABLY 🙂 Blog Post: https://sustainablesasha.wordpress.com/2019/12/23/how-to-holiday-sustainably/

Website: https://exxpedition.com/
Sasha’s Leg (Panama to Galapagos): https://exxpedition.com/voyage/panama-to-galapagos/

Galveston Bay Foundation
Website: https://galvbay.org/

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:
United By Blue: https://unitedbyblue.com/
The Violet Orange: https://www.thevioletorange.com/

Contacting Sasha

You can reach Sasha by messaging her through Instagram via the link above.

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