Ep. 42 Show Notes | Conservation Meets Psychology: How to Foster Meaningful Engagement with Kayla Cranston, PhD

I’m sure if you’re listening to this podcast that you’re particularly fond of wildlife and wild places. I myself track animals on the weekends in the Rockies, and visit as many biodiversity-rich countries as my schedule and wallet allow. But, as I’ve gone along my journey, and I’m sure many of you have had this same realization: conservation isn’t about nature, it’s about people. We all know how difficult people can be to work with. That’s why a lot of us went into nature careers in the first place. However, having a passion for nature isn’t enough anymore; we must learn how to work with people. So, what do good ol’ conservationists like us do when we want to foster long term change in communities for the betterment of nature?

Today we’re going learn just that! In this episode, I’m chatting with Kayla Cranston, PhD, Director of Conservation Psychology Strategy and Integration at Antioch University, New England. Kayla is a master at creating long-term conservation engagement using psychology, She shares so many of her discoveries, the tools she uses when developing conservation strategies in communities, and so much more. If you’re working on your Masters, PhD, or are at a conservation organization, you cannot miss this episode. Kayla might give you a nugget that could completely change the trajectory of your work.

This week’s question:
Which of Kayla’s 5 Factors of Sustained Engagement surprised you the most? Can you think of ways to apply Conservation Psychology to you work?

I’d love to hear your answer. Comment below, send me an email or post your comment on the Rewildologists Community Facebook Group!

Alright, everyone. Here is my conversation with Kayla.

Ep. 42 | Conservation Meets Psychology: How to Foster Meaningful Engagement with Kayla Cranston, PhD
Ep. 42 | Conservation Meets Psychology: How to Foster Meaningful Engagement with Kayla Cranston, PhD

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Key Takeaways & Highlights

🌲 Kayla’s rocky childhood that led her to study animal behavior
🌲 Kayla’s experiences abroad that instilled her passion for conservation
🌲 An incident in Costa Rica that laid the foundation for her future work
🌲 How she discovered Conservation Psychology and studied underneath the founder of the field
🌲 What she found during her PhD that led to:
🌲 The 5 Factors of Sustained Engagement
🌲 How conservationists can apply psychology to their work and create long-lasting change

Links & Resources


Kayla’s Website: https://www.kaylacranston.com/
Kayla’s Research: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kayla-Cranston-2
Kayla at Antioch University: https://www.antioch.edu/faculty/kayla-cranston/


Conservation Psychology Institute: https://www.antioch.edu/centers-institutes/conservation-psychology-institute/
Webinars: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwY6cibdImEEPlHawvXj-7FXaT75eAX_4

Contacting Kayla

You can reach Kayla by emailing her at kcranston@antioch.edu.

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