The ‘Critically Endangered’ Saiga Antelope is making a hopeful rebound.

Feature Image by Dasha Urvachova on Unsplash

Recently while checking my inbox, I stumbled upon a newsletter from the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) and I immediately clicked on a headline deep within the post: “Saiga Herds Begin Flourishing Again” in big bold letters.

My excitement grew as I dove deeper into the article and researched further.

If you’ve never heard of saiga antelope or have seen on one a wildlife documentary, picture a common deer species and Dr. Seuss-ify it; add a long, floppy nose, short, curvy horns, and the cutest little antelope babies you’ve ever seen.

Saiga have almost perished twice in the past 20 years. They’re starting to recover thanks to work being undertaken by dedicated conservation organizations like WCN and the Saiga Conservation Alliance.

I’ll let them do the rest of the talking. Check out their work to learn more!


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