Ep. 3 Show Notes | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe

Hey, friends! Welcome back to Rewildology. In this episode, I’m chatting with Corrin LaCombe who is a primate conservation biologist and has been all over the world studying a wide range of species. She’s worked at some of the top conservation organizations in the US, started her own non-profit, Primate Connections, and has contributed to several on-the-ground sustainability efforts worldwide. She’s led graduate courses and has even been on a Ted stage discussing the discrepancy between conservation knowledge and action.

We get deep in this episode and explore her winding path that got her to where she is today. We leave very few stones unturned. Enjoy!

Here is my convo with Corrin:

Ep. 3 | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe
Ep. 3 | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe

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Show Notes

  • Tell me where you come from and your story behind that. [1:20]
  • So how in the world did you get so involved in conservation? [5:30]
  • What is your educational backgrounds? Where did you go to school? What were your degrees in? [7:26]
  • What occurred that made you make that huge switch from working at the San Diego Zoo to going out on your own? [14:39]
  • Corrin discusses her journey to working on Primate Connections full-time. [20:53]
  • Corrin mentions a side company she started, We Thrive Global, to teach nonprofits how to run a successful business. [25:30]
  • So how did you navigate both of those [businesses and nonprofits] and how did you find these people? [28:30]
  • Corrin talks about the trip that ended her relationship with her romantic partner, who happened to also be her business partner, and what occurred afterwards. [35:44]
  • Corrin shares the story of how she found conservation travel. [42:12]
  • “I’ve deduced that there’s two things that are critical for a successful conservation program. [43:13]
  • Why is there such a disconnect between how much we care and then how much we act when it comes to conservation and saving the world? [47:00]
  • Corrin and I discuss the lack of conservation attention (and other important issues) in rural parts of the US (where we happened to grow up). [53:36]
  • Is there any last things or wishes or asks that you have of anybody listening to this that you want to tell them? [1:03:45]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:07:45]

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Brooke Mitchell-Norman
Brooke Mitchell-Norman

Brooke is a conservation biologist that has traveled the world studying how to balance human activity and healthy wildlife populations. She’s met several inspiring people along the way. These are their stories.

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