#3 Show Notes | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe

Hey, friends! Welcome back to Rewildology. In this episode, I’m chatting with Corrin LaCombe who is a primate conservation biologist and has been all over the world studying a wide range of species. She’s worked at some of the top conservation organizations in the US, started her own non-profit, Primate Connections, and has contributed to several on-the-ground sustainability efforts worldwide. She’s led graduate courses and has even been on a Ted stage discussing the discrepancy between conservation knowledge and action.

We get deep in this episode and explore her winding path that got her to where she is today. We leave very few stones unturned. Enjoy!

Here is my convo with Corrin:

Ep. 3 | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe
Ep. 3 | Let’s Get Real with Corrin LaCombe
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